Tell us which city we should launch next, and we'll let you know as soon as we do!

We set our launch priorities based on these suggestions

When we launch a new city we look for one or more local leaders to help us find the events, people, companies and resources that should be part of the community. Without them there is no NextPlex.

Our local organizers are special people. They're community leaders who are building the local innovation community. They're usualy the ones already running events, connecting people, and who always seem to know what's going on. We just give them the tools to do it all even better.

If this sounds like you and you think that you might be interested, tell us a little about yourself and why you think you'd be a good NextPlex community organizer and we'll get in touch.

NextPlex is a site I use to get out of the building. I go to NextPlex to find all the information, workshops and networks I need to keep fresh in the community.”

Oscar Pedroso
Founder, GradFly
NextPlex/Rochester Member

NextPlex is more than just an events calendar or virtual people directory. NextPlex unites startup communities, making it easy for companies, freelancers, and event organizers to find each other and create awesome things together.”

Chris Van Patten
Creative Director, Van Patten Media
NextPlex/Buffalo Organizer

NextPlex puts all my community's startup information in one convenient place. I save so much time and I never miss hearing about events now. Perfect!”

Kevan MacGee
Freelancer & OpenHack Organizer
NextPlex/Rochester Member